What’s Involved?

Culture Academy, Singapore
What’s Involved?

Your needs are our priority. We have a 5-phase approach to ensure that you get a process that delivers the results you need.

Culture Academy, Singapore

We will help you to understand the “whys”

What are your objectives? What do you want to achieve out of the programme or workshop? And or perhaps more importantly, what do you NOT want to see? Are there trade-offs that you are prepared to make? Were there past facilitators or workshops that did not work for you?

Culture Academy, Singapore

We will put together a draft facilitation plan

The proposal starts with a description of your workshop or programme objectives. It describes the resources you will need, the process – pre-work included – and deliverables. You will get a quotation on our fees.

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Once you accept the facilitation proposal

we will start our pre-work. This may include interviews with your sponsors and key stakeholders, surveying your workshop participants, reviewing and preparing background materials for your participants. We will work with your team on the administrative, logistical and technical support.

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We will work closely with you to adjust the approach

as events unfold and as participants interact with one another. Ultimately, we want you to have the best chance at achieving our agreed outcomes. We might even need to make some adjustments to the agreed outcomes!

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The work done and documents produced

at the workshop will form the basis for your follow-up. We will discuss with your support team on the follow-up. We might need to have follow-up meetings.

  • Initial consultation
  • Draft facilitation plan
  • Pre-workshop
  • The workshop
  • Post-workshop follow-up

We are excited to talk to you! We will not charge for this initial consultation.
You will get to decide, without any obligations, if we deserve to hold the lamp up for you, and walk your journey with you.