Wilson Tan

August 01,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

Dear Whee Jim

Thank you for your facilitation of our recent Board Retreat. It went well despite the unforeseen and sudden return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures. You were able to adapt the programme quickly, so as to allow us to pivot from a physical meeting to a virtual discussion.

As this was the first interaction between the new and incumbent Board members, you were cognizant of the need to bridge expectations between members. You helped to facilitate candid conversations, allowing the participants to have better perspectives on the required deliverables for Arts House Limited (AHL). The session provided ample opportunities for participants to deliberate on the role of the Board, Management and the Organisation; as well as considering the strategic shifts that were needed in our evolving arts ecosystem.

Through this workshop, we succeeded in achieving a rich, frank and meaningful engagement with our Board members.  It had also proved to be a good bonding session for our new Board to get to know each other better.  All in, it was a fruitful get-together for AHL Board! Thank you!

Kind regards,

Wilson Tan