Ms Trina Liang

April 23,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

I first saw Whee Jim in action when he was consulting donors and arts groups for the Cultural Matching Fund – an initially $200m trust fund to spur a culture of giving in Singapore’s arts and heritage sector.

Whee Jim has the ability to listen to and understand what you have to say. He wins you over with his warmth and sincerity. He encourages and invites you to share your thoughts and opinions. You will feel safe expressing how you really think and feel in front of him.

Whee Jim can deftly bring different views to the table, skilfully manage conflicts and diverse opinions, while not losing sight of the bigger picture. He knows that the manner in which things are done is sometimes as, if not more important than the work itself. Be really careful because Whee Jim can say “no” to you in a firm but nice and convincing way! He can reframe issues in a helpful manner, which I find useful. This is no mean feat since we in the culture sector can be so vocal and assertive! 🙂

If you want someone who “gets it” and can hold the space for messy, tough yet meaningful conversations that cut to the core of the issues, Whee Jim is your go-to person.