Ms Tran Thi Ha

November 01,2022
Yeo Whee Jim
I have had the pleasure of working with Whee Jim on a one-week module of a leadership programme for a group of Vietnamese central and provincial leaders. The programme was organised by the Chander Academy of Governance (CAG) and Vietnam’s National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA).
Whee Jim brought to the table his many years of experience handling complex public administration issues in the Singapore Government and those of other countries such as Bhutan. Together with his ability to create a conducive space for learning and moderate discussions amongst the Vietnamese leaders, Whee Jim played a major role in helping our participants take away many useful and practical lessons.
Displaying great sensitivity to the local context, Whee Jim’s approach was refreshing. Notwithstanding the language barrier, he orchestrated simple yet practical ways of coaching our Vietnamese leaders to reframe their thinking and work better as a team. He effectively engaged them in discussions, pushed them to think more critically about issues and encouraged them to start tackling challenges by learning from one another’s best practices. With his in-depth knowledge and insights of the ASEAN region, Whee Jim’s blend of using professional and personal stories with theories and frameworks greatly enhanced the learning experience and cemented our leaders’ learning.
Based on my formal and informal interactions with Whee Jim during and after the programme, I highly recommend Whee Jim should you need a consultant for public administration or a facilitator for your leadership development programmes.