Ms Amal Al-Sabti

January 10,2023
Amal Al-Sabti
I had the pleasure attending Module 1 of Public Policies and Strategic Formulation that was facilitated by Whee Jim. This module was part of a large-scale training program for the Directors-General in Oman’s public service. It was a great opportunity for us to reframe our thinking, challenge our assumptions, and take ourselves outside our comfort zone.
At the beginning, we thought we knew what public policy making and strategic thinking were all about. But Whee Jim helped us reframe our thinking and beliefs, and showed us that it was really about constantly trying to keep pace with changes in the environment. Policies need to keep changing and evolving. Even First World economies are facing unintended and unanticipated consequences of earlier policies, which threaten to derail their aspirations and development.
I appreciated how Whee Jim took us through multiple international experiences of success and failure. He was able to break the ice and get the best from all of us. His ability as a facilitator was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much Whee Jim.