Tan Meng Dui

April 23,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

Whee Jim was the chief learning facilitator for an inaugural programme that brought together some 40 senior public officers from various agencies. It was an intensive programme to get firsthand experience and a better understanding of China’s politics, economics and social policies.

Whee Jim planned the programme meticulously and worked hard in facilitating the actual run, which took us on a whirlwind learning journey across 3 very different Chinese cities. He kept energy levels high throughout the trip, while strategically protecting learning space for participants to come together and connect the dots. Through a series of cleverly designed workshops and reflections sessions interspersed throughout the programme, Whee Jim ensured that we got the most out of the programme, learning from the insights gathered from our Chinese hosts and also from one another.

Sure, he can be a slave driver at times – he even made us do our reflections on the coach in-between programme segments! But Whee Jim also understood the importance of informal learning and social encounters, and give us more than enough breathing space. 🙂

What I appreciated most was Whee Jim’s can-do attitude and his ability to adapt and customise to make them better, even while on-the-go. Notwithstanding his seniority, he is hands-on and rolled up his sleeves to get the job done – from lugging flipcharts around, to moving chairs and other logistics to aid participants’ learning. I liked how he could connect with different people, read the room and have a sense of humour, all at the same time. These were incredibly helpful in bringing diverse views to the table while ensuring everyone was heard and put at ease.