Ms Sin Xin Ping

August 18,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) collaborated with Whee Jim to design a set of workshops to support international participants from Zambia to enhance their Performance Management capabilities by developing practical skills in leading and managing teams and giving and receiving feedback.

Whee Jim was very creative and thoughtful in using different design elements such as role plays, videos, and group and self-reflections to create maximum engagement over an online medium. He also shared personal anecdotes and candid real-life experiences which participants resonated strongly with, and it helped to create a safe space for them to have honest conversations on this sensitive topic. He was also able to handle the dynamics of the group well and resolved concerns raised during the workshops diplomatically.

Participants highlighted their appreciation for Whee Jim’s expressive and engaging delivery style which created a good balance of work and fun during the workshops. Many came away from the workshop feeling a lot more inspired and encouraged to commit to change.

One participant aptly summarised: “This shows that if we speak with one voice with the same objective we can get to a point where management will appreciate our input. Thank you and I look forward to attending more training programmes from CIG.  It’s been a great two days of mentorship from your team.”

It was a joy working with Whee Jim. Thank you for being creative and authentic in your design and delivery!