Ms Thangamma Karthigesu

April 27,2021
Culture Academy, Singapore

Dear Whee Jim,

It was really a pleasure working with you as our Theme Weaver for the Culture Academy Leadership Programme (2018 to 2020).

Thank you for working with us closely to shape the programme and to help the participants draw connections between what they were learning in the classroom with their work. Your excellent facilitation skills also helped to build common ethos and consensus amongst the participants and achieved our course objectives of helping participants to understand the context they were working in and the importance of understanding and mitigating trade-offs when making policies. And your various little “extra” games/fillers also helped to keep the sessions alive and also helped to build camaraderie which was another objective of our programme.

Your wealth of experience in the Arts and Culture sector both as a policy maker and arts advocate helped to enrich discussions and push the class to think about issues they would never have thought of.

The feedback from our participants was also consistently good and from the perspective of my colleagues and I, we really appreciated the amount of preparatory work you did before each session and your willingness to listen to feedback and make changes to your delivery immediately so that we could meet the learning needs of our participants.

Overall, my colleagues and I enjoyed working with you and hope to work with you again in the near future.