Dr Lim Chye Hong

May 19,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

Whee Jim understands the bigger picture, pays attention to the little things, and cares deeply about the impact he makes.

We needed to put together a coherent strategy, against the backdrop of our desire to be better at co-curating meaningful experiences and memories with our audiences, including making contemporary art a part of everyone’s daily lives. Going the extra mile, Whee Jim invested his time sharpening my thinking and clarifying our objectives, before proposing two half-day virtual workshops for my team. Exemplifying what it means to be agile and responsive, he followed up promptly on my multiple questions and requests for adjustments and redesign. This was not only right up to the start of the workshops, but also during the workshops themselves. As a result, I got the outcome that I wanted for my team – for them to come to a common understanding of the museum’s strategic direction, and in that context, craft a coherent strategy.

To be honest, I had many concerns about a fully virtual approach for something as complex as strategic planning. But Whee Jim showed us how it could be done with clever use of simple digital sharing tools and virtual breakout rooms that proved to be more effective than I had imagined. My team came out of the workshops tired – simply because he made us expend our brain juices talking about the complex, strategic issues that matter, but happily so!

I really liked how Whee Jim structured the workshops. My team has started thinking about and approaching issues from a higher vantage point. I am also hearted to see how in talking about issues that matter to us, we have laid the foundation for becoming a lot closer to one another – building trust through empathy.