Ms Kharina Zainal

April 23,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

I have worked with Whee Jim on numerous occasions over the years and I have four adjectives to describe his facilitation style: Creative. Engaged. Authentic. Energetic

At design and planning stage, Whee Jim takes time to understand the audience, the issues and contextual dynamics in order to meticulously design customised tools and interventions ahead of every engagement. He gives much attention to process details and is always open and willing to onboard others’ process ideas.

When he is in action, he goes into guide or control modes seamlessly. Whee Jim is able to brilliantly bring case studies discussions to life. He is never one to shy away from asking the (necessarily) difficult questions and he is able to put it in the most plain, honest and balanced manner. He is observant, deft in reading the room, picking up signals which are all key in creating a safe space for participants to speak honestly even about uncomfortable topics. He encourages participation by demonstrating unwavering positivity throughout his facilitation. It also helps that he has a sprightly sense of humour – which helps diffuse tensions and keeps discussions constructive and relevant. Participants come out of sessions feeling valued and respected for their views and ideas.

Whee Jim facilitates with the end in mind. I can trust Whee Jim to deliver on the outcomes that we agreed to ahead of every engagement. He solicits for feedback from the audience in real time, listens actively and adjusts his facilitation plan where it makes sense. He is easy to work with and I value every opportunity when we can collaborate.