Loo Cheng Koon

April 23,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

I am a church elder, who also oversees our Children Ministry. I have had the wonderful experience of working alongside Whee Jim in the Children Ministry for a few years.

Whee Jim was a Sunday School teacher, taking care of the upper primary kids. It is rare to have a male teacher in the Ministry, even more rare to have one who can really engage the kids! A very good communicator, Whee Jim has been able to articulate and bring across his teaching points in a way that the children could understand easily. He also had good eye-contact and non-verbal communication skills, which went down well with the children.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Whee Jim stepped up by producing videos and using other digital tools for us to take the lessons online. Going beyond his primary role, Whee Jim kept the bigger picture in mind – that our teachers must continue to be lamps to our Children’s feet in this pandemic! I am grateful to Whee Jim for taking the lead in designing and facilitating a virtual workshop for our teachers. As a teaching community, we were able to effectively reflect on what we have learnt and discuss how we could do better. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which was informative and constructive.