Ms Lim Ming Foong

April 04,2022
Yeo Whee Jim
Whee Jim facilitated an Action Planning Workshop for AGO for the management group, which was conducted in a hybrid setting, with participants who attended in-person and some dialing in virtually.
Whee Jim was effective in conducting the workshop, and showed strong interpersonal skills in constantly engaging the participants to provide their responses during the workshop. He was able to keep the energy level of the workshop high throughout the session, and connected well with the participants. He was able to keep the atmosphere light with his sense of humour, but made sure that each participant did their part during the breakout sessions by assigning clear roles and managing the time well.
His personality and adaptability helped to create a conducive environment where participants were comfortable to share insightful feedback. His past experience in the public sector also stood him in good stead in understanding the culture and norms of public sector agencies.