Ms Lien Siaou-Sze

December 12,2021
Yeo Whee Jim

Dear Whee Jim

On behalf of my team, a very big thank you for the two specially curated virtual strategic planning workshops that you had facilitated for us.  These two sessions had been both insightful and authentic conversations.

Given the current challenges posed by the global pandemic situation, which resulted in the paradigm shift and had inevitably impacted philanthropy in many unexpected positive ways.  We are now more aware of the need to align and adjust ourselves with NTU priorities and in our communication with the various stakeholders in our next 2 to 3 years’ strategic plans.   In tandem, to build on the current talent and resources at UAO and establish an organizational culture that encompasses high gold standards with passion, trust, respect, collaborative learning and forward-thinking amongst colleagues and to lead by example from the leadership team to the rest of the staff members.

Warm Regards