Ms Karma Hamu Dorjee

October 13,2022
Yeo Whee Jim
The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) of Bhutan engaged Whee Jim for a range of large-scale, complex HR initiatives to bring some transformative changes in Bhutan’s Civil Service.
Whee Jim brought to the table his extensive experience formulating and implementing HR policies at the systems-level with sharp personnel management instincts. We could see that these competencies were hone by years of hard work – making tough decision to sieve out the outstanding performers from the underperformers, in service of building a culture of high performance.
Armed with a high level of cultural and emotional intelligence, Whee Jim went out of his way to understand our local operating context and creatively develop an effective and fit-for-purpose assessment framework and process that was sophisticated yet user-friendly.
We were impressed by Whee Jim’s ability to build a high level of trust and engagement with several very senior stakeholders from the Government. Whee Jim conducted himself very professionally. He was able to listen actively, quickly internalize diverse concerns, astutely recommend practical solutions and roll things out very quickly – we imposed tight deadlines with Whee Jim successfully met. His work has contributed greatly to RCSC’s efforts to strengthen the quality of civil service leadership.
The RCSC would like to thank Whee Jim for his service to the civil service and wish him the best in all his future endeavors.